Surprisingly Simple DIY Winter Decorations

When it comes to choosing your decorations this winter, you don’t need to pick out colors around the theme of the Holidays of red and green. You can play around with white and black, and add the colors that appeal best to you. With a little imagination, you can come up with a range of winter decorations DIY that are deceptively simple to make, but look, oh, so pretty! Get your kids to join in the fun with simple projects that involving painting or cutting out snowflakes with scissors. Just choosing the right colors for table settings can add a Holiday touch for your home. Check out a few of the easiest ideas possible that are great for working people who are short of time.

Winter Decorations DIY for the Whole Family

Ideas for Candles

Candles always add a touch of warmth and coziness to any decor. Use them as the first inspiration for your decorating ideas. For instance, use some cinnamon sticks and tie them around the candles with some twine or thin rope. When you light the candles, the warmth will elicit a lovely fragrance from the sticks. Use small woolen socks that your babies and toddlers have outgrown and place the candles in them. Or, place painted mini pine cones in a rattan woven basket and set up thick candles in the center.

Have Fun with Twigs

You will be surprised and excited with any number of decorating possibilities that twigs offer you. Choose a set of plain glass vases that are about 2 to 4 inches squared with varying heights. Fill an inch or two with white salt and stand the twigs in them. While you can show off their brown coloring, painting them black adds a sharp contrast to the white of the salt. If the twigs are a little thicker, stick pearl or glass beads on them. And, if you can find tiny glass crystals, sticking them on the twigs will give you the impression of ice that will twinkle in the evening lights.

Use the Versatility of White Paper

White paper is amazingly versatile and can open up any number of ideas for winter decorations DIY. Have fun with your kids learning how to fold them in different ways and cutting small bits here and there to create snowflakes. You can also cut them into stars and then use white string or twine to hang them on the walls of the kids’ bedrooms. Suspending a collection of stars and snowflakes from the ceiling or light fixtures also adds the impression of snowfall. For an added touch, consider gluing glass crystals on each piece. Or, use silver paper for your craft if you can find some.

Wreaths with Dried Branches

Dried branches convey winter in an interesting way. You can either create a wreath by weaving them into a circular structure. Or, take a white coaster and glue the branches all around in varying lengths. Hang the sculptures on your front door. If you would like to add a bit of color to the basic brown, choose black or white. Dried branches also make for perfect hangers for your winter decorations DIY. For instance, suspend your snowfall of flakes and stars from the branches. Add a few paper cones in colors of red, green, and white to the mix for added allure.

Add Fabrics and Textures to Your Winter Decorations DIY

While putting up decorations is a great way to bring the feel of the Holidays into your home, consider adding fabrics and textures. Think throw rugs on the sofas in reds and greens. Or, choose these colors for your bedspreads and curtains. Try red napkins on your table or even a warm green tablecloth.

Winter is here! Enjoy it!

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