Coconut Oil for Stretch Marks

Coconut oil also boasts having a ton of benefits and it can be used in the kitchen and as a part of your beauty regime. It has been used in the beauty and wellness industry for a number of reasons, one being, to help reduce and fade away the appearance of stretch marks.

Both men and woman have used this remedy and found it to be significantly effective compared to other products

Why coconut oil for stretch marks?

Firstly, coconut oil is filled with essential nutrients that are excellent for the skin. These rich nutrients nourish the skin and restore radical damage. Also, it contains vitamin E and vitamin K which helps fade the stretch marks and generate new cells.  Lastly, it contains anti-oxidants which prevent cell damage that might occur from torn cells, caused by scratching.

Coconut oil is also significantly affordable and an easy solution to help prevent and reduce stretch marks.

coconut oil

Why do stretch marks form?

Stretch marks form on the skin once the skin is stretched; this could be caused by a number of reasons. Intense weight loss, weight gain and pregnancy are the most likely reasons to getting stretch marks. However, it should be noted that these are not the defining factors of getting stretch marks. Anyone can get stretch marks, weather you’re young or old, thin or larger sized.

How to use coconut oil for stretch marks

Pregnancy stretch marks

When a woman is pregnant the skin on the abdomen obviously gets bigger and this enlargement causes stretch marks.

Women often notice that as the skin stretches an intense itch occurs- this happens because the skin is expanding. It’s important not to scratch the skin, no matter how badly it might be itching. The reason behind this is because the scratching actually causes small tears that lead to bad stretch marks.

Luckily, there is a way to lessen the itch and avoid stretch marks from forming during your pregnancy. So, if you’re pregnant and are afraid of getting stretch marks on your belly or hips then coconut oil is perfect to use. It’s 100% safe to use and contains no harmful chemicals or ingredients, making it safe to use for both you and your baby.

Apply organic coconut oil 3 times a day on your tummy. When applying try to gently massage the area in a circular motion. This will help the skin stay moisturized and help reduce intense itching.

Weight loss and weight gain stretch marks

If you’ve shed a few pounds or picked up a few extra you might notice stretch marks forming. The skins elastin in these cases have either overstretched or shrunk. This causes a disruption in the skins collagen and hence, stretch marks form.

Massage coconut oil to the entire body, especially the thighs, arms, tummy and breasts. This will help a great deal and stretch marks will be less visible over time.

*The skin might not be affected if you’ve gained or lost a small amount of weight. This is mainly for intense weight-loss/gain.

Everyday usage

If you’re lucky enough not to have stretch marks, then that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use coconut oil. There is a possibility that it might form at some point in your life, so it’s always good to be prepared and also to prevent this from ever happening. Applying coconut oil will illuminate the chances further of the skin ever developing stretch marks.

To prevent future stretch marks from forming, replace your daily skin lotion to pure coconut oil. Apply the coconut oil daily after having a shower and allow it to absorb into the skin.  Your skin well be left looking soft, radiant and healthy.

How long does coconut oil take to work

Based on your skin and severity of stretch marks this all depends. Certain people are lucky enough to see results within a few weeks while others might take a few months to notice any difference. This rich oil should be used daily to see optimal results, and if you have bad stretch marks then it’s advisable to apply a few times a day.

Coconut oil in the bath

coconut oil

If you’re looking for a therapeutic bath that can help with stretch marks then try drawing your own coconut oil bath. Fill the bath with warm water and apply a few drops (about 2-3 drops) of this natural oil to your bath.  The coconut infused water will not only relax you but also target stretch marks all over the body.

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