Is Hard Anodised Cookware Healthy?

Hard-anodised cookware is widely used all over the world and this has been the case for a fairly long time. The fact that aluminum is both lightweight, cheap and widely available makes it the perfect metal for cookware. Aluminium is found just about everywhere. It is a soft metal that can be anodized so that it becomes hard, strong and long-lasting. The electrochemical process that is used to anodized the aluminum, makes it 30% harder than steel itself. The chemical reaction works to oxidize the surface of the aluminum to aluminum oxide which is incredibly hard and tough.

The Health Concerns Of Anodised Cookware

Aluminium has been known to pose certain health concerns, while non-toxic, high levels of aluminum have been linked to intellectual deficits and Alzheimer’s disease. Aluminium is all around us, and in normal small doses it has little to no effect on our minds or bodies but aluminum poisoning has been linked to decreased intellectual capacity, forgetfulness, and even full-blown dementia. It can also cause cardiac arrest. It is clear that aluminum can be harmful, what isn’t clear is if the aluminum oxide in the hard-anodized cookware harmful to the body.

Anodised Cookware

You will find manufacturers all over the world that lobby and advocate for the safety of hard-anodized cookware. But then, there are studies proving that aluminum does cause harm to the body in large regular doses. The manufacturers claim that the amount of aluminum that leaches for the cookware is barely 35mg which falls within the safety criteria as a single dose. The problem arises when we start to talk about regular doses.

How To Decide Which Set To Get

Anodised cookware is easily the most durable and strongest materials that you can buy because they don’t chip or peel. They have an incredibly long lifespan greater than that of almost any other material. The anodized metal oxide doesn’t peel, is nontoxic and is resistant to very high levels of heat with melting points so high, about 2,073°C, that aluminum oxide is used to line the insides of metal kilns.

It is now for you to decide whether hard-anodized cookware is healthy or not.

Anodised Cookware

When going for hard-anodized cookware, it is best to go for the most well-known and durable brand in the market. The brands and ranges mentioned below have people lobbying for the great user experience that they’ve provided.

Circulon Symmetry

Since this product is the first on our list of recommendations, it is definitely the best. It performs perfectly, heats evenly, releases food very easily. Moreover, it works very well with almost all kinds of stoves with its specialty being induction ranges. It has an elegant design that is further augmented by the low weight build of the cookware.

Anolon Advanced Bronze

The price is one of the best features of the Anolon Advanced Bronze but, this in no way compromises the performance of the cookware. The Anolon Advanced Bronze provides even and rapid distribution of heat. It is also best known for its appealing design and durability that makes it a winner among users.

Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Non-Stick Hard Anodised

The Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Non-Stick Hard Anodised provides the largest and most versatile ranges of cookware for any and all cooking needs. It provides cookware in all sizes with pots and pans that are designed to perform in all kinds of everyday cooking that one could imagine. What’s more is that they are incredibly easy to clean.


Anolon Nouvelle Copper

Anolon Nouvelle Copper is much better suited for more advanced cooks. With the wide range of available pots and pans that are designed for high productivity and precision, it is often considered more suitable for people who are well versed in ‘kitchen’. It has a beautiful design with excellent performance that helps to augment every feature of the cookware.

Calphalon Unison

The Calphalon Unison is another range that is Alos best suited for more advanced cooks that require a high level of precision and quality. The Calphalon Unison is dishwasher safe and Non-Stick. With its exceptional construction and performance is one of the top choices for chefs worldwide.


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