The Best Home Décor Styles and Trends to Try Out

Home décor is so much more than just decorating; it’s a simple activity that allows you to make a house more homely. Light fixtures, art, and furniture can all be used to optimize different spaces and make them cozier. We’ve created the ultimate guide that can help you get the best results for each area of your home.

The bedroom

We often forget just how important the bedroom is. It’s the first place we’re in each morning and the last place we’re in every night.

Ultimately, the bedroom needs to be a place where you can unwind, relax and de-stress. Working with neutral colors can help achieve just the right mood. Try incorporating ivory, nude and mocha together when finding bedding.

A great way to give your bedroom some extra character is by adding an ottoman and a drawer or two. You can pick out flowers, lamps or even a few books to place on top of the drawers to help give it a personal touch.

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Home entrance hall

The first thing anyone sees when entering your home is the entrance. This space should be well kept and clean at all times. The best way to approach this area of the home is to opt for a minimalistic look- less is more.

Using mirrors is a great way to make any area look bigger than it actually is. Create a larger space by combining four mirrors and place them as illustrated in the picture. To add a contrasting element, opt for metal or wooden lighting fixtures to create the ultimate entrance hall.

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The living room

Depending on your personality and style preference, there is so much that can be done in the living room. Firstly, you need to ask yourself what your inspiration is and then work with that. The options are endless and mixing and matching can end in a beautiful result. Here are some of our living room inspirations.

For the minimalist

This décor style is neat and fully functional- a cozy sofa, a throw and a few family photos. We love this because it’s simple and tidy.

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Something modern

If you prefer a modern looking living room then opt for something in rose gold, such as the coffee table. Create extra edge by mixing plain cushions along with a few printed cushions. Lastly, a large faux fur rug is a great option and can also help balance the entire theme out.

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Down to earth

This is ideal for people with bigger families who spend a lot of time in the living room. Ideally, for this home décor style its best to work with earthy colors that are softer and more welcoming. Scatter cushions and bean bags can be used to your advantage so that everyone is comfortable.

Home décor for the outdoor area

When working with the outdoors there is so much that can be done. Creating a great outdoor environment is just as important as it is indoors. Garden furniture and a few plants is all you actually really need.

However, if you have a bigger space then there is so much that can be done. A huge décor trend at the moment is Japanese gardens. These Japanese inspired gardens are created for extra Zen and meditation purposes.

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Home office space

Home office spaces are often cluttered with books, stationery and important documents. Transform your home office space with our home décor inspirations.

Customize one side of the wall with your favorite wall paper. It’s important to pick out vibrant colors and patterns to help you stay awake and energetic when doing work. For less clutter, purchase a sealed rack that can store important paperwork and documents. This helps a great deal and gives you more table space to work on.

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The kitchen

This area always needs to be squeaky clean and the best way to attain a clean kitchen is with less clutter.

A few bar stools add a lot of character to the kitchen and can instantly transform it. Another great option to add to kitchen décor is to use pendant light fixtures. They create an almost magical yet contemporary atmosphere.

Flowers and fruit baskets can also be used to your advantage when working on kitchen décor ideas. Mix and match flowers to get a vibrant and fresh feel to your kitchen.

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