Benefits of Lime

Often found as a garnish for drinks or on desserts, many people don’t realize the amazing benefits that this citrus fruit has to offer. From helping digestion, weight loss, relief from constipation and boost in immunity, limes have some major health benefits to them.

Limes are zesty, citrus fruits that have an acidic flavor and fresh aroma. It often used in food and drink to add an extra kick of flavor. However, limes also have plenty of health benefits and can be used in cosmetic, medical and aromatherapy products. Limes are high in absorbing acid and have around 30% of the daily recommended vitamin C. They are also good sources of vitamins and minerals includes iron, copper, magnesium, vitamin E, vitamin K, and folate. The juice of a lime is often squeezed onto food or not a drink. The flesh is often consumed and the skin can be used for cosmetic benefits. The peel is rich in fiber and antioxidants.


One of the best ways to benefit from limes is to drink lime water. This helps to get the body hydrated which benefiting from the nature lime juice too. Other ways include squirting lime juice on food, adding lime juice to skin care product or mixing in the peel to your favorite lotions. The scent of lime is also often used in room sprays and aromatherapy.


Limes are considered to be very helpful in reducing the growth of cancer and fighting cancer cells in the body. By drinking lime water, the risk of delivering cancer can be decreased. This is due to the antioxidants that are found in limes that help promote healthy cell growth and help improve the immune system. Antioxidants play an important role in stopping the growth of cancer cells which helps prevent colon, breast, stomach, lung and blood cancer.

Weight Loss

One of the most popular uses of limes is to help with weight loss. The essential oil that is found in limes helps to aid the reduction in food consumption and body weight. The acid also found in limes is an excellent fat burner too which helps burn fat easier. By simply adding a splash of lime to your water and consuming the recommended daily amount of water can help weight loss.

Skin Care

Lime juice is frequently used in skin care products. The health acids in limes help to remove dead skin cells when applied to the skin. Lime juice also helps to rejuvenate the skin, improve texture and protect from infection. Many people suffer from rashes, acne, spots, blemishes, and wrinkles. By adding lime to your skin care routine can help reduce these thanks to the antioxidants and astringent properties of a lime.

The fun of making home remedies is that you can experiment. If you are planning on adding the benefits of limes to your skin care routine then don’t worry as it is super simple. You can simply take a lime and squeeze the fresh juice into your favorite daily moisturizer.

Lime baths are also very popular. Simply add lime juice or lime peel to your bath for a refreshing experience that will soak and rejuvenate your body.



As one of the most popular and well-known uses of limes, they treat the disease called scurvy. This disease is caused when the body has a lack of vitamin C. Infections will occur and symptoms will include cold and flu symptoms and cracked lips and lip corners. By adding lime juice to the diet which can easily be done by drinking lime infused water, people can decrease the chance of getting scurvy.

Immune System

Limes are great for helping to improve the body’s immune system. By consuming lime juice or having more lime in the diet, the body’s defense can be improved and help ward off infections and disease. When the body’s immune system is low it becomes easier to get infections such as diarrhea and pneumonia. There is also lots of vitamin V in this citrus fruit which helps to ward off colds and flues easier and boost the body immune system to help fight cold and flu symptoms.

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