Benefits of Dates

Dates are a delicious and sweet fruit that is often dried. They have a rich and deep flavor with a chewy texture. When eaten people enjoy them as a sweet treat or snack and are a great alternative to unhealthy snacks like candy or chips. Dates are particularly popular among people with a big sweet tooth who want to snack healthy.

Dates have a wide range of benefits that provide the body with great health improvements. The health benefits that come from dates are excellent and many people suggest that they should be incorporated into the diet. People should take advantage of the range of health benefits that these delicious fruits give the body. Health benefits range from relieving constipation, increasing energy levels, helping blood pressure, supporting a healthy pregnancy and much more.


Relieve Constipation With Dates

Dates are very popular in Middle Eastern countries and are part of the regular diet. One of the major benefits is the high contents of fiber. Because of this, they are one of the most used natural laxatives to help relieve constipation. The high levels of fiber help to promote healthy bowel movements and a good passage of food through the intestinal tract helping to relieve any bad symptoms of constipation.

Many people soak dates overnight in water and consume the next morning for optimal benefits for people suffering from constipation. So whether you enjoy the taste of dates as a delicious snack or suffering from constipation, dates are definitely worth incorporating into your diet.



Dates are often used as a healthy source of energy and sugar. They are particularly eaten before exercise or strenuous activity to provide plenty of energy to muscles and the brain. This allows people to perform at their highest potential and at a high intensity.

Dates are full of simple sugars including glucose and fructose which are used by the body for energy. By eating a handful of dates before exercising, people can benefit from the extra energy resource. Because of the high level of sugar that provide quick levels of sugar and energy to the body, dates are often consumed by diabetics. When someone with type 1 diabetes blood sugar drops they need a quick burst of energy and eating a few dates provide this. They are also consumed by many athletes and sports players who need extra energy. For example, a tennis player might have a date whilst on a water break to give them a bit of energy.

Benefits Of Dates


Dates are packed full of vitamin and minerals that benefit all parts of the body. The hair particularly benefits from the consumption of dates as it gives the hair the nutrients it needs to grow. The follicles in the hair require plenty of nutrients to enable growth and maintenance. By eating dates regularly, people are able to get all of the benefits for their hair.
Some of the vitamins in dates include vitamin B5 which is one of the vitamins that help maintain healthy hair. If people have a lack of this particular vitamin in their body it can cause hair problems including split ends and hair loss. By consuming dates, women and men can help improve the strength of their hair and decrease these problems.

Dates are one of the best ways to get a wide range of vitamins, minerals, and fiber into the body. They are delicious, small fruits with no fuss necessary. These dried fruits can often be found in the shops already pitted and ready to eat. They are high in calories, full of vitamins and minerals needed in a normal diet including vitamin A, B, potassium, iron and lots of fiber.

Dates should definitely be incorporated into a healthy diet because they are packed full of great nutrients. They provide key vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy diet with great benefits. And they give you lots of energy and are sweet and delicious to enjoy without having to eat chocolate or candy.

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