Best Material for Outdoor Rugs

Whether you choose to live in a warm climate year-round or a below freezing climate, chances are you will most likely have an outdoor rug. Outdoor rugs are comfortable to have because they can trap dirt and soot from shoes before a person enters your home. If you have younger children who enjoy playing outside, even in the winter, then an outdoor rug helps keep them warm and cozy. Just because outdoor rugs exist, it doesn’t mean they all have the best outdoor rug material. Below is a list of tips to purchasing an outdoor rug and the best material for outdoor rugs for each season.


  • Choose a rug that is washable. There is nothing worse than purchasing a rug and finding out later that it is not washable. If you have children, then you understand that spills are bound to happen. Make sure you can send that new rug to the dry cleaners or put it in the washer to remove any stains.
  • Check to see if your rug is pet-friendly. Just because you have an outdoor rug and pets, it doesn’t mean that the rug material is pet-friendly. Pet-friendly material includes a reversible and scrubbable texture that is resistant.
  • Whether you are choosing an outdoor rug for the hot or cold weather, the sun is one of your biggest enemies. Choose a rug that has durability and a UV-treated material to avoid fade resistance.
  • Choose the best size, shape and pattern for the style you wish to represent. Don’t be afraid to get advice from a home designer on what material and shapes will look best in your outdoor space.
  • Clean your rug monthly or as needed. Nothing says welcome to our home better than an outdoor rug; and you do not want your rug that is full of mold to greet your guests.
  • No matter what climate you are in, choose an all-weather rug, because you never know what you will expect from Mother Nature.

Best Material for Outdoor Rugs

  • Outdoor rugs are commonly used in entryways, mud rooms and garage entrances. To create some of the best rugs, both natural and synthetic materials need to combine to form a durable rug. To protect your rug from extensive damage and stains, you need to make sure your rug includes at least one of the following natural materials: seagrass, hemp, or sisal. Each of these materials allows your rug to absorb any damage that comes its way.
  • Some people would prefer a quick-dry rug that isn’t always pretty, but it gets the job done. For example, plastic rugs are the perfect types of rugs for mud rooms. You can easily wash off the rug with little damage left to the rug and it dries in jiff. Since these plastic rugs are economically more practical they may come in more colors such as neon pink or a neutral beige. These types of rugs can adapt to anywhere in your outdoor area. One of the best outdoor rugs for porch or deck use is the Lightweight Outdoor Reversible Plastic Relic Rug.
  • If you are a DIY-fanatic, then you may decide to make your own fantastic outdoor rug. One way to make an outdoor rug is using a hand-hooked technique that allows you to add more material and colors. Some of the best materials to create these DIY rugs are synthetic fibers such as acrylic, nylon and polypropylene. By using these synthetic materials, your handmade rug will be more mold resistant!
  • Outdoor Accent Rugs, otherwise known as doormats, are perfectly placed in entryways and near doorsteps. The best material to use for these rugs is a mixture between polypropylene and acrylic. By mixing these two materials, your accent rug will be soft on your feet and machine washable. Choosing a 100% synthetic rug is not always the best option because they are too rigid, even for an outdoor rug.
  • For those who prefer a more natural look and feel of an outdoor rug, then choose a rug that is made of sisal or bamboo. The benefits of these materials are their durability and the nice texture. Unfortunately, depending on how much moisture these materials absorb, they can be prone to more mildew or mold residue. Not to fear, because these materials can be easily washed.

The best thing to do when purchasing an outdoor rug is to make sure it is washable, all weather rug and is made of at least one synthetic material.

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