Rustic Living Room Ideas on a Budget

The old-world decorating style adds a warmth and inviting charm to your interiors. Should you choose to adopt this decor, you’ll be surprised at the array of rustic living room ideas on a budget that are now available. Choose natural, earthy colors that reflect the serenity of nature. If you feel that the only wood decor is too dark and heavy for your taste, you have the option of incorporating a few rustic ideas into an otherwise contemporary room. Check out some of the basic elements of a rural-themed room and how to use them to add aesthetic appeal to your interiors.

Elegant Rustic Living Room Ideas on a Budget

The Simplistic Charm of Wood

Using wood in your decor is a simple and elegant way to add a touch of class. Wood is highly versatile and can be used in innumerable ways, either in the form of neatly cut planks or the rough-hewn look. You can also choose from an interesting range of hues that can match the rest of the furniture and walls of the room.

  • If you have a sloping ceiling, you can either use wood panels to cover it entirely. Alternatively, use rafters that give the impression of holding up your roof.
  • Use wooden flooring in broad planks to cover the whole room. Your architect may also suggest using wood for a particular section of the room to differentiate say, the dining area and living area. In place of broad boards, you can also try narrow slats arranged in the chevron or herringbone styles.
  • In place of the conventional coffee tables, set up a section of the trunk of a tree. Make sure you polish it to display the grains and their beauty.
  • Use classic wood as the highlight of a modernistic decor. For instance, you could use an old barn door on a slider for the entrance of a sleek, chromed bathroom.
  • Choose a single accent wall and decorate it with wooden tiles. Remember, you can play around with a selection of colors and grain textures blended with artistic finesse.
  • Rough-hewn wooden furniture without the smoothening to show off the knots of the wood is just right to add the pastoral look to any home.

The Allure of Old-World Stone

Nothing spells rusticity more than rough-cut stone blocks. Like wood, stone is highly adaptable and lends itself beautifully to any kind of decor. The most common way to use stone is for the fireplace. Consider tiling the area around the fireplace or build one out of stone. Choose the colors that blend best with the rest of the decor of the room. Or, you could build the fireplace and design the living room around it. Laying stone on the floor around the fireplace is also a great idea and segregates the area if you intend to build fires in winters. If you live in a warm location, consider laying stone tiles on the floor with area rugs for the rustic feeling.

The Magic of Wicker with Rattan, Bamboo, or Cane

Using wicker furniture is one of the most interesting rustic living room ideas on a budget. While most people like to use wicker for their garden furniture, you can also place it indoors for a pastoral look. If an entire furniture set is not exactly your taste, play around with a few other items. For instance, add a wicker mat to a specific section of the living room you wish to highlight. You could also consider getting a wicker center table with a glass top. Or, place a few baskets around with say, wooden kindling, flower arrangement or for displaying fruit.

The rustic decor is very much in and the best way to use it is to create a blend of the old and new. Add a few pastoral elements arranged artistically for an inviting ambiance.

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