Coconut Oil for Diaper Rash – An Effective and Safe Remedy for Your Baby

Dealing with diaper rash is one of the most challenging tasks of raising babies. You’ll probably see small patches of irritated skin or major conditions where the skin turns bright red with tiny bumps or larger blotches. And, like every mom knows, trying to quiet a baby with this very painful condition can be a trying task. Thankfully, coconut oil for diaper rash is one of the most effective treatments that is organic and safe.

Why Coconut Oil for Diaper Rash is Effective

Diaper rash occurs when the delicate, tender skin on your baby’s bottom reacts to any harsh things. For instance, the linings of the diaper, acidic nature of the stool, ammonia in the urine, or yeast infections. Coconut oil works extremely well on diaper rash because this organic item calms inflamed skin, moisturizes, and fights off the infection-causing agents like bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Although babies are rarely allergic to coconut oil for diaper rash, you could try a small test on the inside of the forearm before regular usage.

When you apply a salve of coconut oil on your baby’s skin, it acts as a protective shield against the irritants and heals the inflammation. If possible, you could try letting the baby’s skin air out for a while so it has time to heal.

How to Use Pure Coconut Oil for Diaper Rash

Using coconut oil by itself for diaper rash is the simplest of solutions. Until the baby’s skin has healed completely use a soft washcloth dipped in water to clean it gently and prevent further irritation. If you must use baby wipes, choose a brand that does not contain alcohol. Let the skin air dry for a few minutes.

Take a small amount of the solidified butter in your palm and rub with a forefinger until it liquifies. Apply on your baby’s bottom gently on all the affected areas including the creases on the upper inner thigh. Allow it to work for a minute or two before putting on the diaper.

How to Make Coconut Oil Creams at Home for Diaper Rash

Combining coconut oil with other ingredients can help enhance its therapeutic properties and bring relief to your baby sooner. Take a look at some of these recipes.

Coconut Oil with Shea Butter

Mix half a cup of coconut oil with a fourth of a cup of shea butter. While you can melt it down on a stove, you can also microwave for a few seconds until the ingredients liquefy. Add in a teaspoon of cornstarch and 2 to 3 drops of tea tree essential oil which is highly effective for yeast infections. Stir thoroughly and store the cream in a small mason jar and use as and when needed.

Coconut Oil with Lavender Oil

Make a combination of a tablespoon of lavender oil and mix it with half a cup of coconut oil. Run it for a few seconds in the microwave until you have a liquid that blends well. Cool in the fridge and apply on the baby’s skin for relief. It is preferable to leave the skin exposed for a while to let the salve work and heal.

Coconut Oil with Calendula and Chamomile Flowers

Try this recipe to make a healing cream with a good shelf life.

  1. Combine half a cup of coconut oil with a tablespoon each of calendula flowers and chamomile flowers. Run through the microwave for 20 seconds or until the oil turns yellow in color.
  2. Pass the mixture through a sieve to remove the flowers. Next, add 1 tsp of zinc oxide and a fourth of a cup of shea butter.
  3. Beat well to mix completely. Alternatively, you can run it through the blender.
  4. Set aside in a mason jar and use when needed.

Coconut oil for diaper rash is a highly effective remedy and will help your baby’s skin heal quickly.

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