Essential Oils for Croup

What is Croup?

Croup, also known as laryngotracheobronchitis, is a viral infection that affects the respiratory system and causes inflammation and swelling to the voice box (larynx) area and gives sufferers a unique cough, hoarse throat and heavy breathing. It affects infants and children badly and although is a mild condition, it causes negative effects on the respiratory system as well as cold and flu-like symptoms. Croup is particularly bad at night and in the winter months but usually only lasts a few days.

If your child or someone you know suffers from croup at some point, it may be scary for both you and your child as a cough can be painful and loud, sounding like a bark/seal noise. However, the best thing you can do is stay calm; getting scared or stressed will not help your child and the condition could worsen if they become overly stressed. Croup usually occurs for 2 days with bad symptoms, which then start to die down. Usually, it gets better on its own but there are plenty of ways to help calm the symptoms of croup and help keep your child calm. Make sure your child is sat upright so that their respiratory system is in the best position to get as much air as possible, ensure they drink plenty of fluids to keep the throat and chest lubricated to help their cough. Make sure you keep them calm and comfort them ensuring they aren’t stressed or crying as these can easily worsen symptoms.

The Best Essential Oils for Croup

Another popular treatment for Croup at home is essential oils. Essentials oil are oils derived from natural sources such as plants and flowers. They are organic, natural and popular for treating a wide range of problems including insomnia, anxiety, pain and croup. Some popular essential oils include lavender oil, coconut oil and tea tree oil, which are all widely popular and used in everyday products from shampoo to body moisturiser and reed diffusers.

Essential Oils for Croup

Essential oils have been frequently used to help relieve bad symptoms of croup. Oils can be rubbed onto the child’s chest, inhaled or sprayed on the child’s pillow to inhale whilst they’re sleeping. This helps decongest the airways so your child can breathe better and hopefully their cough might calm down. Essential oils are ideal for home remedies to help treat croup and lots of other common problems however it is important that you do a skin patch test beforehand to ensure your child is not allergic to the essential oil you’re planning to use.


A popular essential oil for helping to relieve symptoms of many conditions is lavender, it is popular to help induce sleep and is used by millions around the world as scents in their homes and pillow sprays to help calm and relax the body whilst you sleep. It also works well as a soothing remedy for the chest area, helping to relieve congestion in the respiratory system.

Essential Oils for Croup


Marjoram is one of the less known essential oils for croup that is used in aromatherapy but has a number of health benefits. Although it is actually a herb and used in culinary dishes, once made into an essential oil it can help improve heart health, increase mood and psychological well being. Marjoram also helps reduce sensitive inflammatory and symptoms that come from it including asthma, muscle aches and migraines. This means it is also very good for helping to relieve Croup in your child.

Other Home Remedies for Croup

Home remedies using essential oils are very popular to help common illness such as colds, flu’s, headaches, muscle aches, stress and chest problems including croup. With your own essentials oils, you can make remedies with whatever oils you fancy to help your child which are usually made into vapour rubs which are the easiest way to get the essential oils onto your child’s body with immediate effect. Homemade vapour rubs, similar to popular brands like Vicks are the perfect way to provide treatment for common problems at home. Blends of essential oils including lavender, lemon peppermint, eucalyptus, marjoram and mix with coconut or olive oil will definitely help relieve congestion and soothe the respiratory system.

So if you’re seeking an organic and natural remedy for helping to relieve the effects of Croup in your child. Be sure to rub the oils onto your child’s chest and bottom of their feet for the best results and making a remedy of your essential oils is a great way to help combat respiratory problems in your babies and children.

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