Usher Positive Energies into Your Home with Zen Decorating Ideas

The Japanese term, “Zen” means meditation. And, by using Zen decorating ideas in your home or workplace, you bring in peace, balance, harmony, and tranquility. All of these qualities are essential for not just your mental well-being, but also for overall good health and wellness. That’s because a calm, happy mind translates into a healthy body with fewer medical issues. Use these simple ideas to bring harmony into your living spaces without making a dent in your wallet.

1. Choose Neutral, Warm Tones for the Decor

Pick neutral, warm tones for the walls, furnishings, curtains, and any other facet. You don’t need to choose white that can be difficult to maintain, but go for soft beiges, peaches, pinks, gray, pale greens, and other similar colors.

2. Adopt Natural Materials for the Furniture

An absolute no-no when opting for Zen decorating ideas is to use man-made building materials. While you can’t do much about the concrete walls, focus on getting wooden furniture. You could also use natural fabrics like raw silk and cotton for the sofa covers and cushions. Natural silk is actually quite durable and gives interiors a rick look that nylons and synthetics don’t have.

3. Keep it Clean and Simple

The most important Zen principle is a minimalistic philosophy. In place of bringing in lots of decorative items, you may want to opt for bare spaces and empty table tops with only flowers or a simple showpiece. An added advantage is that your home will have a more roomy, airy feel.

4. Water Fountains

Water is another essential for Zen decorating ideas. Installing a water fountain is one of the best ways to bring the positive energies of water into your home. Even a small fountain can add the sound of a running brook and tranquility to the ambiance of your home.

5. Natural Light

Warm sunshine and natural light can lend a bright airy feel to any space. Use the minimum of coverings for your windows or keep them light with pastel colors and natural fine fabrics. If you have small windows, use mirrors to reflect the light into the darker areas of the room and light it up.

6. Get Rid of the Clutter

Having cluttered living spaces is completely contrary to Zen principles. So when using Zen decorating ideas, one of the first things you need to do is clean up your house and remove all the clutter. Make sure to keep clothes, plates, utensils, and every other item out of sight or in their proper places. And, discard all the stuff you’re not going to use. Search the internet for ideas on how to use hidden storage closets that are functional and trendy.

7. Redesign Your Flooring

Bring nature into your home by covering the floors with wooden or stone flooring. You can also place smooth round stones in a corner to create a miniature rock garden with bamboo plants. If you live in a cold location and need area rugs and carpets, opt for sisal, wool, or woven reeds to keep the floors warm.

8. Fill Your Home with Greenery

Plants can also fill your home with positive energies and since they give off oxygen, they’re great for good health. Look for indoor plants that can thrive with very little sunshine. If possible, place them near the windows so they grow well and thrive.

9. Use Hidden, Soft Lighting

When looking for lighting options, avoid harsh, glaring lamps and bulbs. Search for ways and means to conceal the source of the light so that it diffuses into the room and gives it a warm, inviting feel.

Try these simple Zen decorating ideas and you will be pleasantly surprised at the transformations it brings into your home and life.

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