3 Thieves Oil Uses That Will Improve Your Life

Hey, essential oil lover! Are you looking to expand your bag of tricks? If you are anything like us, you are always excited to get your hands on some new essential oils secrets. While you may know 1001 uses for lavender or tea tree oil, there are probably a few essential oil blends that you haven’t checked out yet. Thieves oil is one cult classic that every essential oil guru needs to try! There are countless thieves oil uses and it’s sure to be an instant fave.

What Is Thieves Essential Oil?

While you may not have heard of thieves oil before it is actually a proprietary oil blend from a company called Young Living. Even though they may be the ones to thank for the oil’s popularity nowadays, this oil has been around for many years. A blend of cinnamon, clove, lemon, eucalyptus, and rosemary, this powerful essential oil blend has indeed been around for generations.

Legend has it that this blend was made up by French thieves during the 15th century. This down on their luck group had worked in the spice trade between India and Europe before the black death struck Europe. With the whole continent in dire straights during this time, they had to abandon their careers are turn to grave robbing.

With countless people dying daily from the bubonic plague, these thieves created a powerful smelling blend to wear during their misadventures. It turned out that their special blend was exceptionally good at supporting a strong immune system and good overall health.

And the good news for you is that you don’t have to be a thief to find countless thieves oil uses!

The Best Thieves Oil Uses

Aromatherapy with Thieves Oil

One of the best ways to take advantage of the amazing thieves oil blend is to use in an essential oil diffuser at home. This oil is especially great as an aromatherapy treatment because respiratory system aid is one of thieves oil uses. Using it three or fours times per day will have you clear out your sinuses and lungs.

Massage Treatments with Thieves Oil

In addition to using an essential oil diffuser, one of the best thieves oil uses is for massages! Whether you have a nice friend or partner, or you just want to give yourself a DIY massage, this is a good pick. It will soothe both your body and skin. Not only does it relax your body, but one of the best thieves oil uses is for skin irritations. This stuff is great to massage over scrapes, cuts, and bug bites!

Like any essential oil, it’s good to blend thieves oil with another carrier oil. One thing that works very well for massage oil is a 50-50 blend of raw pure coconut oil and thieves oil. You can blend up your own miracle mix at home that will make massages twice as soothing.

Cleaning the House with Thieves Oil

Another of the incredible thieves oil uses is cleaning around the house. This powerful, heady smelling blend is antibacterial so you can get a deep clean without using harmful chemicals. Why not ditch the harsh cleaners and get a fresh and clean home with your own blend?

You can experiment to find out what works for you as a cleaning blend. A good place to start is with one drop of thieves oil for every ounce of water. This will be plenty to give you an antibacterial cleaning. Depending on the cleaning job you are doing and your own preferences, you can mix your own perfect blend. Clean all over the house with your thieves oil mix to get rid of odors and leave things sparkling.

Thieves Oil Uses and Options

When it comes to cleaning, it’s a great idea to just keep a spray bottle around full of your blend. Mix up a water and oil blend, or add in a bit of pure apple cider vinegar to increase potency.

Tip– To reduce chemical exposure and environmental waste, spend your time finding a glass refillable bottle. These work great for refilling and glass it a bonus because it won’t release harmful chemicals if exposed to extreme heat or cold.

Another great thing to buy to take your aromatherapy game to the next level is a diffuser. If you don’t already have one, check online! They can be pricey in certain shops but you can get them for next to nothing if you order online (which is a perfect excuse to get them for multiple rooms!).

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