How Essential Oils for Menopause Can Change Everything

Welcome to a new world! You had probably been dreaming for decades about finally having your periods done with. Goodbye cramps. Adios PMS. Ciao emergency tampon runs. Entering into menopause can be a very good thing, but it also comes with some growing pains. Insomnia, mood swings, and hot flashes can be a difficult part of menopause. The good news, however, is that it’s not forever. And symptoms are manageable! Essential oils for menopause can make a massive difference in how you think and feel.

Ready to get on the path to feeling healthier and happier? Here is everything that you need to know using essential oils for menopause.

Dealing with Menopause

As you are getting into menopause, there is one thing to keep in mind. Take it from the Quality and Efficiency in Health Care. They say, “Menopause is not an illness. It is normal for hormone levels to fall in middle age. These hormones do not need to be replaced.” In other words, change is okay! We are always evolving and growing as people. Your goal isn’t to be the same forever. It is all about feeling good in the moment.

To make this a joyous time of life, essential oils for menopause can change everything. This is especially true when done in conjunction with other treatments. Simple steps like maintaining a healthy diet can go a long way. Reducing prepackaged food, alcohol, and sugar will go a long way in changing how you look and feel. Of course, exercise is also a major asset. It releases anxiety, keeps your body healthy, and enhances your confidence.

The Best Essential Oils for Menopause

Anxiety, depression, and general mood swings are incredibly common during menopause. While they might feel like overwhelming symptoms, they are far more treatable than you might think. Simple fixes like aromatherapy can transform your life.

Of course, the queen of all essential oils is lavender. This is one of the best essential oils for menopause because it is so incredibly relaxing and soothing. Simply smelling this beautiful scent can be transformative. Using lavender aromatherapy as part of your nightly routine will enhance your sleep while helping you relax throughout the day.

If one of your goals of using essential oils for menopause is to relax, lavender oil is a must-have. As your hormones change, it is only natural to have mood swings. The best thing that you can do is accept them! Give yourself some extra TLC to help you. Even if you don’t feel stressed out or depressed, essential oils for menopause can help before things get out of hand.

To utilize essential oils for menopause, essential oil diffusers are a must have. You can simply get a diffuser for your bedroom, living room, or office. With one of these handy little tools, you can do aromatherapy at the touch of a button. Remember that stress reduction can be simple. You don’t need to practice meditation for hours (although that can be a very good thing!). Simply fill your home with healthy and pure essential oils like lavender. As it calms your body, it supports hormone level balance.

Another thing to keep in mind is that menopause causes a reduction in estrogen. When this happens, your body may become physically uncomfortable. Lack of estrogen affects many parts of your body. This happens to everyone so don’t be shy! It is not unusual to have vaginal or perineum pain, in addition to headaches. Using a cool compress with just a couple of drops of lavender oil on them can change be amazingly soothing.

Menopause Treatments

Every woman has a different experience in menopause. That is why each woman needs her own unique approach. Don’t let other people’s experiences affect you too much. While it is good to find stories that you relate to, it is essential to realize that there is no “wrong” way to experience menopause.

Symptoms like memory loss can be scary but they are totally natural.  Simple fixes like doing puzzles and using essential oils for menopause to keep your anxiety under control can change everything. Depression or lack of interest in sex are nothing to be embarrassed about. Whatever your issues are, there are solutions. Spend time figure out how you feel then work through each symptom with your doctor.

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