How to Use Essential Oils for Morning Sickness

Being pregnant is one of the most exciting times in any woman’s life but, unfortunately, it’s not all baby showers and foot massages! For far too many women, morning sickness is an ongoing struggle that can last all day and many months into their pregnancy. To make matters even more complicated, pregnant women need to be incredibly careful with what they put in their bodies so every option needs to be carefully considered. But there is good news! Safe and all natural options like essential oils can be amazingly effective. Essential oils for morning sickness offer immediate relief and can make a major difference in the quality of your everyday life during pregnancy.

So, are you ready to feel better? Here’s everything you need to know about essential oils for morning sickness.

The Good News About Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is very common in pregnancy. In fact, the majority of women deal with it at some stage in their pregnancy. And, they aren’t just dealing with it in the morning! Most women deal with morning sickness through the day.

While it is a frustrating thing to deal with, especially when you just want to be enjoying your pregnancy, it’s nothing to worry about. According to the Institute of Health Sciences at Oxford, women who have morning sickness are actually more likely to have a healthy pregnancy. Morning sick moms have few miscarriages, healthier birth weights, and are less likely to have premature babies. So, well, it’s annoying to deal with the feelings, it is a small bit of reassurance that your body is working to take care of your baby.

How to Avoid Morning Sickness

There are so many simple ways to avoid morning sickness. The first thing to consider is your diet. When you are feeling morning sick, it’s essential to listen to your body. If a food or drink makes you feel queasy, avoid it. Although it’s important to stay healthy and maintain a good diet, it’s totally okay to turn down foods that disgust you.

Of course, all pregnant women should avoid alcohol and caffeine. While some experts say they are okay in very small doses, it’s best to fully abstain when you are feeling morning sickness. Other unhealthy options like greasy or prepackages foods are also likely to make things worse. To avoid morning sickness, it’s important to focus on healthy and fresh options.

It’s common for strong vegetable flavors to affect morning sick women and that’s okay. If powerful tastes like broccoli or mushrooms make you sick, get your veggies another way. There are no miracle vegetables so just let your stomach guide you to whatever fresh options appeal to you. And keep an open mind! You may have hated certain tastes before your pregnancy but they might appeal to you now.

Essential Oils for Morning Sickness

As you are experimenting with different foods, it’s a good idea to keep essential oils at hand. Certain essential oils for morning sickness can provide instant relief. Stashing some in your bag means that you can feel better anytime, anywhere without having to rely on medication.

Lemon is one of most powerful essential oils for morning sickness. Having an essential oil diffuser at home and, if possible, at work can provide major relief. Essential oils for morning sickness can actually be preventative. If you simply drop some lemon essential oil into your diffuser, you can prevent morning sickness before it happens.

The best essential oils for morning sickness will vary slightly for each woman so experiment. If lemon doesn’t work well for you, consider other options like lavender or peppermint. Simply smelling these scents can make a profound difference in how you feel!

Feeling Better with Morning Sickness

In addition to choosing food carefully and using essential oils for morning sickness, there are a few golden rules to feeling better with morning sickness. First of all, keep eating! Don’t skip breakfast. Even if you can just take a few bites, it’s better than nothing. In fact, aim to eat something every four hours at a minimum. Going too long on an empty stomach is a recipe for morning sickness so find easy to snack on foods that appeal to you.

Consider taking your prenatal vitamins with a snack in the evening as well so that it doesn’t hit irritate your stomach. And be sure to stay hydrated!

Finally, keep talking to your doctor. They have seen it all and can help you find the best solution to fight morning sickness.

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