Must Have Essential Oils for Bug Bites

Are you on the search for an all natural solution for annoying bug bites? If you want some quick relief from an all natural, safe, and low cost option, there is good news! You probably already have just what you need at home. Essential oils for bug bites are a great option for relieving pain itching, swelling, and discomfort.

Ready for a quick fix? Here is everything you need to know about essential oils for bug bites.

Directly Applying Essential Oils for Bug Bites

There is a range of essential oils for bug bites that are incredibly effective for helping to make your skin feel better. Some essential oils, like rosemary and tea tree oil, are great for bug bites but need to be diluted. While they are safe and natural, they can be a bit too strong to be applied directly to your skin. If you like these essential oils, use carrier oils like extra virgin olive or raw pure coconut oil. Use one tablespoon of carrier oil, then add six drops of essential oils.

If you like more mild essential oils like lavender and chamomile essential oil, you can apply them directly to your skin. If you have not used essential oils before, however, it is better to blend it with a bit of carrier oil. When you have a bug bite, the last thing that you want is to cause skin irritation on your bug bite.

When you are directly applying essential oils for bug bites, apply it three times per day for maximum results (or even more if you want because essential oils are unlikely to irritate your skin!). Of course, if you do however find that your bug bite is feeling more irritated, discontinue treatment ASAP.

Creating Your Own Essential Oil Spray for Bug Bites

Another easy way to use essential oils for bug bites is to create your own soothing relief spray for quick relief. For a lovely spray that will feel amazing, add in three drops of essential oil. Peppermint, tea tree, lavender, rosemary, and, chamomile essential oils are all equally effective. Drop in three drops of carrier oil. Extra virgin olive or raw pure coconut oil are good picks here. Finally, pour in one-eighth of a cup of purified water. Mix it all together in a glass spray bottle. For extra soothing relief, keep your new blend in the fridge for a cooling effect that will be even more effective against inflammation.

Soothing Baths with Essential Oil for Bug Bites

If you have especially annoying bug bites, make a soothing DIY blend for your baths. Blend one cup of powdered milk, half a cup of baking soda, and half a cup of oatmeal. Finally, add in one teaspoon of sweet almond oil and one teaspoon of lavender oil.

Avoid These Essential Oils for Bug Bites

While there are some great essential oils for bug bites, some can be irritating to your skin. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you need good quality essential oils. Many of the cheap essential oils out there are made with blends. While blends aren’t necessarily bad, they can be. It is great to have blends of different essential oils, but have unknown blends can be risky. If you buy an essential oil just because it’s cheap, you don’t know what is in it.

Be careful with these essential oils! Saving a couple of dollars does not always mean that you are getting a better value. Often these cheap essential oils have low quality oils and other unknown chemicals blended into it. Save money by getting a blend that is one hundred percent pure. Amazon, natural food stores, and health food shops are a good place to find premium essential oils. Always check that your essential oil is labelled “one hundred pure.” It is also a good sign to see the country of origin for the particular herbal blends used for the essential oil as well as the Latin name for the particular herbs, flowers, or plants.

While many essential oils are good for soothing irritated skin, relieving pain, and reducing inflammation, some can do more harm than good if you have a bug bite. Some of these irritating essential oils for bug bites include all spice, bay, cinnamon, clove, fennel, oregano, parsley, sage, and thyme.

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