Using Hydrogen Peroxide for Acne

5 New Tricks To Heal Acne With Hydrogen Peroxide
We all have that brown bottle filled with sodium hydroxide hidden somewhere in the house. Hydrogen peroxide can be used as an antiseptic, bleach, disinfectant some even use it as a mouthwash.

Using Hydrogen Peroxide to treat acne

Most acne treatment products are very expensive and never work immediately. You have to wait for days before you can get that smooth skin again. If you want to get rid of the annoying acne fast and effectively you need to start using sodium peroxide. Sodium hydroxide is cheap and readily available in any drug store around you.

Things to note when using hydrogen peroxide to treat acne

  • Only use 3% concentration of hydrogen peroxide anything more will damage your skin.
  • Since hydrogen peroxide has bleaching properties always ensure that it never comes in contact with your hair.
  • Only apply once a day to avoid damaging the skin.

How to use Hydrogen peroxide to erase pimples 

  • Wash your face with warm water using your hands- don’t use a piece of clothing or brush. (The warm water helps unblock the poles, this is necessary before applying hydrogen peroxide)
  • Wipe your skin dry after all, a dry skin will absorb hydrogen peroxide(H2O2) better than a wet one.
  • Soak a piece of cotton wool in sodium hydroxide then apply it on the affected area. It is recommended that you experiment in a small area just to be sure that your skin won’t react negatively.
  • After 5-7 minutes apply oil-free moisturizer in the area you applied sodium hydroxide. This is so as to ensure that your skin doesn’t dry off.

Benefits of using Hydrogen Peroxide to erase pimples

  1. Hydrogen peroxide has antiseptic properties that ensure that the affected area doesn’t get infected
  2. Anti-bacteria- hydrogen peroxide helps kills bacterias in the affected area
  3. Exfoliation- Hydrogen peroxide burns the dead skin paving way for the new skin
  4. Scars- some pimples have a tendency of leaving behind scars especially when you pop them. If you use sodium peroxide to treat acne be least assured that no scars will be left after the pimples heal.
  5. Unblock poles- the major reason why acne develop is due to blocked poles. Sodium hydroxide helps unblock these poles.


Note that sodium peroxide is only a temporary solution to pimples. Typically, sodium hydroxide only treats the symptoms but doesn’t get to the root of the outbreak. If the problem persists seek professional help from your doctor.

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