10 Pool Party Decorations

A pool party is the best way to spend a sunny day. Whether you’re planning on hosting a party at your house or going to a friend or family’s house for a party, decorations can help make a pool party even more fun. Decorations can be placed around the garden area, accessories for the water or even for poolside drinks.

Emoji Beach Balls

Who doesn’t love an emoji? Beach balls are a must have for any party so guests can have a game of volleyball and enjoy some fun competition. The emoji beach balls feature 6 of the most popular emoji faces including the heart eyes, crying face and sunglasses face.

Volleyball Game

If you want to take volleyball seriously at a pool party, the volleyball game is ideal. In the set, you will find inflatable posts with a net attached and an inflatable volleyball. The net floats perfectly to provide hours of volleyball fun at your next party.

Light Up Beach Ball

Night time pool party can be very fun. Why not add some color and fun to your next pool party with light-up beach balls. The beach balls can be placed in the water to float around whilst they light up the pool for fun, colorful effects.

pool party decorations

Hawaiian Luau Flower Lei

Have you got a theme for your next pool party? Why not host a Hawaiian themed party where everyone can wear colorful flowers. The Hawaiian lei flowers are perfect for parties that are Hawaiian or tropical themed and great if you want to add some color and fun to your party.

Inflatable Palm Tree Cooler

A pool party is not complete without drinks. Keep your drinks cool in something more exciting than a box of ice… like an inflatable palm tree cooler. Most parties have sunny, fun vibes and a palm tree will fit in perfectly with this. The bonus of this inflatable palm tree cooler is that there is space for water and ice so you can store cans of soda and beer at the base of the tree.

Pool PartyInflatable Float Drink Holder

An inflatable drink holder is a handy accessory to have at a party. There is no need to get out the water to grab your drink, with this drink holder you can keep it in the inflatable doughnut that will float in the pool by your side for every time you need a sip.

Photo Booth Props Kit

Make selfies and pool photos even better with fun props. This Hawaiian themed kit is packed full of photo props on sticks such as colorful glasses, flamingo eyes, pineapples, and lips. These will help make photos even more memorable and fun.

Paper Beach Ball Cocktail Sticks

If you’re planning on giving your party guests food then why not add some theming to the cocktail sticks on your buffet. The paper beach ball cocktail sticks are perfect for olives, cheese or fruit. With a colorful beach ball on one end, you could add these to sandwiches or cake to add some pool party theming to your food.

Watermelon Drinking Straws

Why have plain straws when you can have watermelons on them! These watermelon drinking straws are great for decoration at a summer pool party and add some fun to your normal pool party drink.

Giant Unicorn Pool Ring

Stand out from the crowd at your next pool party by relaxing on this giant unicorn pool ring. Over 5 feet and featuring a giant gold horn, you will definitely make some of your party guests smile. The float is great for kids and adults of all ages that provides plenty of entertainment in the water over summer.

pool party decorationIf you have a pool, hosting a party can sometimes be stressful and challenging. Take some of the stress of yourself by simply choosing some of these cool party decorations that will help keep your guests entertained. Choosing a theme is a great idea as it makes the pool party more fun and memorable. It is also a great excuse to buy decorations and treats to help the theme work well.

If you have a number of parties planned this summer at different peoples houses, don’t be shy about taking your own decorations. Take some emoji beach balls so you can have some fun competition with your friends or grab a doughnut drinks float so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your cold beer from the comfort of the water.

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