7 Easy Fall Decorations DIY You Will Love

The Fall is an exciting transformation in nature when the landscape around you is painted a fabulous red, yellow, and gold. You could consider bringing the colors into your home with some easy fall decorations DIY ideas. If you live in one of the northern states, the cooling weather or the autumnal equinox should be your cue to begin putting up decorations. But, if you live further south, you could begin celebrating Fall sometime around Halloween. A great way to enjoy doing up your home is to focus on a mix of Fall and Halloween. That way, you won’t have to spend too much time taking down the spooky stuff and replacing it with warmer colors. Here are some ideas you could try.

Easy Fall Decorations DIY

Make Stuffed Scarecrows

Scarecrows are cute, easy to make, and the perfect blend of Halloween and Fall. Use a couple of old jerseys and stuff with faux or real straw. Make heads with burlap stuffed with cotton and add eyes. You could also use your artistic skills to paint them on. The more lop-sided, the better. Use sticks and broom handles to craft the arms and overturned planters as the base. Or, use an old pair of pants and sneakers for a full-sized scarecrow perched on your front porch.

The Quintessential Pumpkin

Your Fall decorations would be incomplete without the quintessential pumpkin. While bigger pumpkins add a lovely touch, this season, consider putting together a mix of large and small pumpkins. You could also buy pumpkins in different colors and create a bouquet with squashes, gourds, and lots of scattered pine cones. Get your kids to join in the fall decorations DIY project. Pull out all the autumn colors you can find and get them to paint the cones. Arranging the pretty cones in a basket also makes for a lovely decoration.

Add a Touch of Rusticity

Bring the farm to town with a collection of straw baskets, rusty buckets, or wooden wheelbarrows. Place a scarecrow or two in the wheelbarrow and get him to cradle a pumpkin. You could also pile a bunch of corn husks in them, again painted in the colors of the Fall. Use all the fun ideas you can think of including dried flowers and leaves. And, of course, lots of scattered berries. If you have rattan or bamboo woven baskets, tables, and other furniture, bring them out and add to the mix. Get a crow to perch on your pile.

Easy Fall Decorations DIY for Your Interiors

Even as you’re packing away the pretty pinks, blues, and turquoises from summer, pull out the brighter-colored napkins and table settings to celebrate the new change in seasons. A simple fall decoration is to fill a mason jar with corn husks and stand them in the center of your dining table as a centerpiece. Here are some more interesting ideas:

  • Put away the laces of summer and replace with rattan placemats.
  • Bring out the orange and terracotta-themed dinnerware.
  • Try wooden trays and arrange tree trunks for side tables. Sunflowers add a lively touch to the room.
  • Draping couch blankets on your living room furniture in warm, inviting colors is an instant and simple fall decoration.
  • Change your sheets and comforters to warmer hues of browns and oranges and invite autumn into your bedroom.
  • While placing pumpkins beside the stairway as they are is a simplest of fall decorations DIY, how about playing around with other colors and designs. Get your kids to have fun with them by adding eyes or painting them with white backgrounds. Stencil geometric designs, leaves, and flowers, and fill in with bright colors.
  • Arrange a line of differently-colored jars on the mantle and have orange leaves sticking out from the top.

Play around with simple ideas for fall decorations and bring the theme of autumn into your home.

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