Argan Oil for Hair Growth

Have you ever had an insane urge to cut your hair short but regret it immediately after? Well, you’re not alone! Plenty of us have been there and let’s just say that it’s a dreadful situation to be in. Fortunately, Argan oil is available and works like a charm for hair growth.

Before getting started, we have to let you know that washing the oil out of your hair can turn in to a workout, but it’s well worth it.

How does Argan oil help with hair growth?

Argan oil is highly beneficial for hair growth because it’s rich in vitamins, omega-6 fatty acids, and anti-oxidants. All of these help increase cell production and thus boost hair growth. New hair that is grown is strong, thick and silky.

Another reason that Argan oil also is so exceptional is that it assists in nourishing the hair, especially if it’s damaged. It helps correct damaged hair and encourages new hair growth.

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Here are a few ways you can use Argan oil for hair growth:

  • Overnight hair conditioner– First, put an old towel over your pillowcase to avoid the oil from staining. Then take 8-10 drops of Argan oil just before getting into bed and massage it in the roots of your hair. Wash out your hair the next morning with warm water and shampoo as usual.
  • Add a few drops to your shampoo– To help promote healthy hair growth add 30-35 drops of the oil to your shampoo. Shake it before every use to ensure that it is well incorporated into your shampoo. Apply to your hair and leave in for a couple of minutes. Rinse out with warm water.
  • Leave in hair treatment– This is perfect to do on a day off at home. Your hair doesn’t have to be washed or clean to do this. Heat up 20 drops of the in the microwave for 5 seconds and then massage it deeply into the scalp. This will penetrate the hair follicles and stimulate the roots of the hair allowing hair to grow. It’s best to leave this in your hair for 3-4 hours and then wash out.

Who should use it?

If you experience slow hair growth, damaged hair, split ends or even hair loss Argan oil is ideal for you. Using this product religiously will improve the quality of your hair by making it thicker, frizz free and naturally shiny.

Argan oil can also be used as a scalp moisturizer, which helps those who have dry and flaky skin. The fatty acids reduce inflammation and fight off dandruff. So, instead of using shampoos that are overloaded with chemicals, opt for Argan oil.

How often should you use it?

Short answer, you can use Argan oil as often as you like.

For hair growth, it is suggested that you use it twice or thrice a week for optimal results. The more you use it the better it is for your hair. Results will not happen overnight, but gradually you will notice your hair texture and quality improvement. It could take up to a month to notice a difference in hair growth, this is completely normal.

Why Argan oil is better than other hair growth treatments

argan oil

The main reason that Argan oil is better than other hair treatments is that it’s filled with all the good stuff that your hair actually needs. There are no harmful chemicals that can have side effects at a later stage. It contains anti-oxidants and vitamins that the hair actually needs in order to remain healthy.

Other hair growth treatments can also cost a lot more than using Argan oil. The result of going for expensive hair treatments can be disappointing and a complete waste of time. A lot of the hair growth treatments are also very unnatural and the hair follicles might even get further damaged.

Compared to other hair oils, like coconut and almond oil, Argan still remains at the top. It is pricier than these oils, but the results are far more noticeable and appear a lot quicker.

If you’re not sold on using Argan oil and worried that it might leave you with greasy hair, then try using an Argan oil hair mask or Argan oil shampoo. These work well too and the results are quite similar.

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