Benefits of Donating Blood

The benefits of donating blood are amazing. Not only does it make you feel good for donating blood to someone who is in need of extra blood, it also has great health benefits. Many people do not think of the health benefits of donating blood but only think of emotional benefits.

Donating blood benefits both the donor and the receiver. Helping others is a great thing to do and can improve peoples psychological and emotional state of mind. By donating blood, the donors are helping others which can help improve emotional well-being, get rid of negative feelings that often lead to depression and reduces isolation and gives a sense of belonging.

Donating blood can save up to three people. There is always a need for blood donations for someone in the US needing more blood every two seconds. By donating blood, you can pride yourself in knowing you have done your part by helping out with donating your blood and giving to a good cause.

There is a range of physical benefits of donating blood that many people are not aware of. These are even more reasons for why it is a good idea to become a blood donor and donate blood at least once in your life.

Heart Disease

Donating blood can help lower the chance of getting heart disease. When someone gets blood drawn from their body it reduces the blood’s viscosity which may lower the risk of heart disease and heart attacks. Research has found that participants who regularly donated blood have lower cholesterol levels which help to prevent cardiovascular disease.


Hemochromatosis is a disease in the caused by too much iron. When there is too much iron in the body can cause the body to become toxic, poison organs and cause organ failure. Regular blood donations have found a reduction in the risk of hemochromatosis as it helps to reduce the iron levels in the body.


The reduction in risk of getting cancer is linked with blood donation. When donating blood, the iron stores in the body is maintained at healthy levels. When iron levels are reduced it also helps the risk of cancer to become low.

Weight Loss

Donating blood can help with losing weight. For anyone who is obese, overweight, at risk of cardiovascular disease or any other related health conditions, it could be useful to start donating blood.

When donating blood, your blood must to checked and undergo a health screening. This is beneficial as it will allow you to check your blood and all of the associated health information. A trained healthcare professional will check the pulse, blood pressure, body temperature and hemoglobin levels so you can see if you are healthy and in the right categories for each of these. Blood donation tests will also detect any problems such as underlying medical conditions or risks for specific medical conditions.

There are plenty of benefits to donating blood. Donating blood benefits both the donor and the recipient. By donating blood, the donor is able to benefit physically and emotionally. They can get their blood checked for different health levels and see if they are fit and healthy.

How to Donate Blood

Donating blood could not be simpler. Plan a blood donation in advance by visiting the Red Cross Blood website to see when and where your local blood donation is going to take place. Consult your doctor or medical advisor before you donate blood to make sure you are fit and healthy enough.
One the day of the donation, make sure you are hydrated and have eaten. Wear a loose fitting t-shirt and comfortable clothing. Attend the blood donation that you have signed up to and be ready to provide I.D, medical history and undergo a quick physical examination.

For the blood donation, you will be sat in a char and told to relax. The attendant will clean a small area of your arm will be cleaned and a sterile needle will be inserted. You will have to remain still for 8 to 10 minutes whilst the blood draws from your body (1 pint of blood is often drawn for a regular blood donation). The needle will then be removed and a bandage will be placed on your arm.

If you want to become a blood donor then be sure to check out when and where your local blood donation will be taking place next. You will be able to go along, give blood and help the community.


Red Cross Blood – Donate Blood

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