Indulge in Your Passion for Wildlife with these DIY Bird Feeders

If you’re looking to attract your feathered friends to your garden or provide food in the lean winter months, the best thing you can do is set up a seed and water spot. Take a look at these simple and easy to make DIY bird feeders and become an avid avian enthusiast. Make your garden come alive with lots of little visitors including birds and squirrels. And, if you choose to set up the feeder on the ground, you could attract a few adorable bunnies also.

1. Tray and Tin Can

This feeder is the easiest to make and set up. All you’ll need is a plastic tray with 2-inch raised edges. Use super glue to stick the bottom of the tray to a tin can and affix it in the mud in your garden. Fill the tray with a selection of different kinds of seeds and nuts and the banquet is ready. If you aren’t quite sure about the kind of seeds your friends will like, ask around at the grocery store where you do your shopping. They are likely to carry the specific feed you need for the local wildlife.

2. Teacup and Saucer Feeders

If you have any old teacups and saucers lying around, you can turn them into DIY bird feeders. While plastic is always better for your project, you can use porcelain also. Superglue the base of the cup to the saucer and then, glue both to your windowsill, or the railing of your porch. If you have any wide decorative poles or spare short posts lying around, prop them in the mud and affix your bird feeder on it. Fill the cup with water and the saucer with seeds. Alternatively, you can lay the cup on its side and pour seed all around.

bird feeder3. Plastic Jugs

Plastic jugs that contained detergent or milk with handles can make excellent bird feeders. The added advantage is that you can use the handle to prop it or hang it anywhere you want with some sisal rope. Cut two round holes on the sides about 3 to 4 inches from the base. Fill with bird and animal feed and hang it anywhere you want.

4. Basic Tin Cans

With a little imagination, you can turn just about any empty tin can into a bird feed. Empty tuna cans also work well. Attach a small twig or the stem of an ice lolly on one side for the birds to perch on. Also, remember to keep these DIY bird feeders slightly tilted so that the feed does not spill out. Hang it up anywhere you want like on a tree or a peg by the side of the house, and watch the feast begin. Though, you can expect a few brawls also.

5. Plastic Bottles and Disposable Soup Spoons

diy brid feeder

You’ll need a 2-liter empty soft drink bottle and a couple of plastic Chinese soup spoons. Make a couple of holes in the bottle at different levels. Only make sure that the holes are just big enough to fit the stems of the soup spoons. Glue them in place. Now, all you need to do is fill the bottle with bird seed and hang it up from a branch in your garden or any other spot where the birds can reach it easily. The seed will spill through the holes into the spoons and invite diners to a lavish spread.

These are just a few DIY bird feeders you can make by yourself at home. For a little aesthetic appeal, you can paint them in bright colors to attract your guests. But, if you feel you don’t really have the time to make these feeders, you only need to find a couple of wide plastic or metal bowls and set them out. If you like, you can arrange one for water and the other for seed. And, you’ll have lots of happy visitors all through the year.

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