Apple Cider Vinegar for Cold Sore

Apple cider vinegar is popular home remedy antibacterial that can be used to treat a wide range of medical problems including skin conditions, allergies, infections and cold sores. Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is a type of vinegar created from apples and added to food preservatives, salad dressings, and marinades. It has also become very popular as an alternative medicine that can be applied at home. ACV is a natural treatment that can provide help to a number of common health issues.

Is Apple Cider Vinegar a Good Cold Sore Treatment?

Although there is not much scientific research on the effectiveness of apple cider vinegar to treat cold sores, many people praise the use of apple cider for treatment of cold sores. There is not a cure for cold sores however many treatments including apple cider vinegar help to reduce the pain and help shrink the cold sore so it will shrink and disappear faster. ACV is one of the better treatment methods for cold sores because it is a natural remedy that has helps to relieve the pain and inflammation on the lip.

Cold Sore

How Does it Work?

Apple cider vinegar is highly acidic which helps to balance the pH levels of the skin. The pH balancing process dries the cold sore out, removing any fluids and helping to heal the area from infection. There are plenty of nutrients in apple cider vinegar which will help the immunity of the skin and help the immune system fight infections.

Because ACV is high in acidity, it has antioxidant and antiseptic properties which help protect the skin. This helps keep a cold sore under control without the virus spreading and will help prevent future infection. The properties of apple cider vinegar help improve the overall health and function of the body. People that are healthy have less chance of getting viruses including cold sores, therefore, drinking ACV (in recommended mixtures and amounts) and applying to affected areas will help treat cold sores.

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Treatment Methods

Using apple cider vinegar to treat cold sores could not be easier. Only a small amount of vinegar is required to help treat cold sores. ACV can be applied directly to the cold sore or the vinegar can be drunk.

Applying Apple Cider Vinegar to the Skin

1) Fill a small bowl with ACV
2) Dip a small cotton wool ball into the vinegar
3) Squeeze the cotton wool to drain any excess vinegar and prevent dripping
4) Apply directly to the problem area and hold in place for several minutes
(prepare for a sharp sting when you first apply the vinegar to the skin)
5) Repeat this 3 times a day for several days or until the cold sore improves
6) Then rinse your face with warm water to clean it and get rid of any leftover vinegar

Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar

1) Pour one tablespoon of water and drink straight or mix with 8 ounces of water if you do not like the taste of the vinegar
2) Add honey if you want it to be sweeter
3) Rinse mouth after consumption with fresh water and brush teeth or have chewing gum to eliminate any bad breath
4) Repeat 3 times a day for an effective treatment method

Overnight Treatment

If you have a severe cold sore, you might want to soak the sore area overnight. This will help soak the area for an extended amount of time and help dry the cold sore.

1) Soak a cotton ball in ACV
2) Tape the cotton ball to the sore area with surgical or bandage tape
3) Leave overnight for prolonged contact to help the cold sore dry out

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Should You Use Apple Cider Vinegar?

If you want to use an alternative medicine to treat cold sores, ACV is one of the most effective treatments available. Although it will not cure a cold sore, it will definitely help quicken the process of drying and healing the cold sore. Apple cider vinegar can give you side effects if you consume too much or your skin is very sensitive so it is essential that you know what you are doing when you use ACV as a treatment method.

With amazing antibacterial and antiseptic properties, using apple cider vinegar will definitely help reduce the sore area. Apple cider vinegar could be your new favorite alternative medicine treatment method that you can use for all sorts of infections and problems on the body including cold sores.

apple cider vinegar for cold sore

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