Essential Oils for Sprains

A sprain is something many people have experienced in their lives. A sprain can happen when a ligament is twisted or stretched beyond its normal range of motion, and can cause mild to intense pain, muscle spasms, swelling, bruising and lack of mobility in the affected area. Often a person who experiences a sprain hears a “pop” of the affected ligament. Usually a sprain is a minor injury, which will improve within a few days with rest and relaxation. Common treatment for a sprain is simply rest, ice, compression and elevation. More serious sprains that potentially involve torn ligaments may require extra medical attention and possibly surgery. Often a person with a sprain may temporarily wear a medical wrap or brace for added support. However, there are many essential oils that can improve symptoms and lower the pain level of a sprain.

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A sprain commonly occurs in the ankle, wrist, knee, thumb, back or thigh. Sprains can be caused by walking or running on an uneven surface, twisting an ankle while walking or running, pivoting during an exercise or other athletic activity, landing wrong or over-stretching a joint during a jump or fall, or overextension of the ligament during a sport or athletic activity such as skiing or tennis. These 5 essential oils for sprains have great anti-inflammatory properties that will help with the pain and swelling that comes with a sprain:

Cypress Essential Oil

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Cypress is a great essential oil for sprains, as its anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties allow it to relieve swelling and increase circulation of the affected area. We recommend Plant Therapy Cypress essential oil which you can buy here.

Frankincense Essential Oil

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Frankincense is an oil high in anti-inflammatory properties used for many things including muscle pain, swelling and sprains. Frankincense is derived from the Boswellia tree and considered one of the most precious essential oils. Frankincense is also great to use for stress and anxiety which can be beneficial when dealing with an injury. We recommend Doterra Frankincense essential oil which you can buy here.

Wintergreen Essential Oil

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Wintergreen essential oil is used most commonly for pain and inflammation. Synthetic versions of this plant are often used in common over the counter pain-relief products, and the concentrated version of this natural plant is highly effective. We recommend Plant Guru Wintergreen essential oil which you can buy here.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Image result for peppermint essential oilPeppermint oil is derived from the mint plant, and it’s menthol properties provide a cooling sensation for aching muscles, joints and ligaments. Peppermint oil is also great for reducing the affects of bruising. We recommend Young Living Peppermint essential oil which you can buy here.

Helichrysum Essential Oil

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Helichrysum has many uses and benefits and is a great choice for sprains. Its antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties can help with pain and swelling, and it has also been known to support the regeneration of damaged tissues. We recommend Doterra Helichrysum essential oil which you can buy here.

Using Essential Oils For Sprains

Essential oils are best used for sprains by applying them topically and massaging directly into the affected area. Essential oils are concentrated and very potent, so they should always be diluted with a carrier oil such as coconut, almond or olive oil. Always do a patch test to check for sensitivities before using any essential oil on the skin.

If you are suffering from a sprain, you may need to see doctor to make sure your sprain doesn’t require more extensive medical treatment. If you are having trouble walking, or are experiencing numbness or lack of mobility, it’s an indication of a more serious injury and may require treatment from a physician. It’s important to make sure you have no sensitivities or allergies to essential oils or contraindications with any medications. With the approval of your doctor, essential oils can be a very effective treatment for symptoms of a sprain in conjunction with rest, ice, compression and elevation.

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