Using Epsom Salt As A Hair Volumizer

If you’re looking for a cheap alternative to hair volumizer that works just as good as pricey products from your favourite beauty shops then look no further. Epsom salt could be your new favourite beauty product that is natural, low cost and great for your hair.

Hair Volumizer is a must-have beauty essential for most women (and men) who want to lift their roots and boost the volume of their hair. There are so many products available to help add volume to your hair, improve flat and thin hair and add style to your ordinary hairstyle. The problem is that so many hair products are full of chemicals and overly priced, this has resulted in the increase of using natural ingredients that can do the same job, if not better than chemical products. This includes Epsom salt that has been used for years as great natural mineral mixed with conditioner to work as a hair volumizer. Saw goodbye to expensive cans of hair volumizer and hello to Epsom salt that you can also use for soothing muscles in the bath and improve your sleep.

What is Epsom Salt?

If you’ve never heard of Epsom salt, don’t worry. It is simply a mixture of magnesium and sulphate and has been used as a natural remedy to help prevent muscle aches and enhancing beauty products for the skin, hair and it’s even used in gardens. It is a natural mineral compound that offers great benefits to different people including athletes, gardeners and beauty gurus.

When it is used in water, for example, a bath with Epsom salt added, the magnesium that is in the salt is absorbed through the skin. This helps to soothe sore and aching muscles, remove splinters and boost the levels of magnesium and sulphate in the body. It has also been used to help relieve stress and lack of energy, improve sleep and treat sunburn. Epsom salt has been popular in the beauty industry, with beauty teams, companies and gurus adding the natural mineral to their products for an enhanced treatment. It can be used for facials, hair volumizer, exfoliates and even pedicures.

Epsom Salt is used by a wide range of people to help improve the body in lots of different ways. It is a great natural mineral alternative that offers an inexpensive, safe and therapeutic treatment that can easily be used at home.

How To Add Volume To Your Hair With Epsom Salt?

Epsom salt is a very popular alternative hair volumizer. Simply add Epsom salt to your ordinary conditioner to create your very own volumizer that works whilst you condition your hair! Many people struggle with oily hair or thin and flat hair, by simply mixing Epsom salt into your conditioner, you’ll see a difference in days.

All you need is Epsom salt and conditioner. Simply mix conditioner and the same amount of Epsom together until the salt is combined and mixed through thoroughly. Keep in a container and when you next wash your hair, apply the conditioner as normal but make sure you keep it in your hair for 20 minutes before rinsing (so it can work its magic!). Then rinse, dry and style your hair as normal and straight away you should feel your hair is thicker and extra volume. Repeat this weekly to maintain volumizer hair that will keep its bounce, thickness and make you feel happy and confident with your new fresh feeling hair.

By following this method, you can create a homemade hair volumizer that is very cheap and natural. Epsom salt is an inexpensive, natural mineral that you can buy at most chemists, beauty shops and health stores. It allows users to create their home remedies for baths, creams and of course hair volumizer. This is also eco-friendly, by making your own home remedies, you will be saving the environment by not purchasing canned and plastic bottled products that are readily available in supermarkets and shops and rarely recycled.

Is Epsom Salt Worth the Hype?

For an inexpensive alternative to hair volumizer that does just as good of a job, if not better (as it doesn’t contain any chemicals) Epsom salt is definitely worth a change. It is simple to use and means you can still use your normal conditioner, simply mix in the minerals and you’re good to go.


DIY Epsom Salt Hair Volumizer

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