Olive Oil for Dry Skin

Many people suffer from dry skin. Although there are plenty of cosmetic and beauty products that help with this, natural alternatives such as olive oil can be some of the best methods for treating dry skin.

Olive oil is a great moisturizer for dry skin on the face and body. Unfortunately, a lot of moisturizers can actually make skin drier. This is due to the chemicals added which interfere with the skin and preventing the moisture to disappear.

Deep Moisture

Olive Oil is a perfect soothing moisture for dry skin. It is a simple and easy to use alternative to shop bought moisturizers. The use of olive oil for dry skin is very popular because of its ability to deeply moisturize the body. Olive oil is packed full of nutrients and natural vitamins that help improve dry skin.

Anti-oxidants and vitamins including E and K are just some of the natural components you’ll find in olive oil. This helps to protect the skin against anti-aging and environmental factors like sunburn and wind. Olive oil helps to promote the renewal of skin cells. This helps to remove dry and damaged skin skins, helping to sooth the skin and improve the moisture.

How to Use Olive Oil

You can use olive oil on its own, straight from the bottle as a lotion on your skin to help with dry skin. It is particularly good after a shower when the skin is clean and needs to be moisturized. It is advised to use olive oil 2-3 times a week if used more than this the skin can become too oily.

Alternatively, you can make your own home remedies using olive oil and other ingredients to make a lotion for your own use. Using olive oil in combination with some of your other natural ingredients is a fun way to experiment. Use your favorite natural ingredients, find what works best and help to treat dry skin. Using a combination of olive oil and other ingredients will mean you can use the mixture more regularly.

A popular combination is mixing olive oil with tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is a very popular essential oil that is used in plenty of remedies to help with skin diseases and sores, as it is an anti-inflammatory oil. When mixed with olive oil, this combination helps to protect the skin. It can also help improve skin cells by removing any dry, damaged or dead ones. It also locks in the moisture to help get rid of dry skin.

Another easy to make combination is a blend of olive oil and sweet almond oil. A mix of 10% olive and 90% almond oil will give you a blend that can be used as often as you desire.

Many brands have made their own products featuring olive oil because of the great natural benefits associated with the oil. For example, Palmer’s is a popular brand offering a wide range of hair and body products. They have a number of moisturizing lotions that have been formulated with olive oil. They help to deeply moisturize the skin and improve the firmness and elasticity for a youthful complexion.


A bottle of olive oil is very cheap which makes the use of olive oil for dry skin very inexpensive. Whether you choose to use olive oil on its own or mixed with other natural ingredients, an average size bottle of olive oil will last a minimum of 2-3 weeks.

Don’t Use in Excess

Olive oil is not dangerous however excess use can cause side effects. The oil can make the skin very oily and break out with pimples and acne. To treat dry skin, olive oil should be applied to the skin two to three times. Two times a week is more than enough for someone with dry skin. Three times a week is only advisable if the skin is severely dry.

Olive oil is very greasy therefore it is important to be careful when applying to your body. As one of the best natural alternatives to help relieve dry skin, it will take longer to become absorbed into the skin because of the greasy elements in the oil.

So don’t worry if it takes a while and you think it isn’t working… just give yourself a bit more time when drying.

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