Summer Backyard Party Ideas

The best place to be during the summer is the backyard. Surrounded by friends and family, you can create the best memories by enjoying each other’s company and the warm weather. There is plenty of ways you can create fun and exciting backyard parties to entertain your friends and family. From BBQ’s to water fights, there are endless amounts of fun to be had in your backyard over summer.


A classic backyard activity is a BBQ. It is an easy and very effective way to have a fun backyard party in the summer. Invite all your friends round, designate someone to be in charge of the BBQ and cook the day away. Cook everyone’s favorite meat and veggie options and have a party whilst enjoying the delicious food. Play music, keep the drinks flowing and let guests mingle and chat to one another for the ultimate party vibe.


After you’ve had a BBQ it is time for dessert. Gather around the backyard fire pit and toast marshmallows as the party winds down for the night. Although most people will not throw a backyard party just to toast marshmallows, this is a great activity to incorporate into a party.

USA Theme

Celebrate the USA with an all America party. Perfect for Memorial, Independence or Labor weekend or when a big sporting event is on. Gather your friends and family and spend time in the backyard having a USA themed party. Ask guests to bring any food that has a red, white and blue theme like cupcakes with the US flag on. Or classic American food like hot-dogs, macaroni and cheese and chili. The party food can be laid out on a table that is decorated patriotically with US flags, confetti, and ribbons. Keep with the red, white and blue theme by only serving red, white and blue soda and drinks. An American party is a great idea for a summer backyard party. If there is a sporting event on like the Superbowl or an important baseball game then why not plan the party around this so guests can watch the game whilst enjoying the party food.

DIY Cocktails

Many parties involve alcohol (adults only) so why not incorporate this into the theme of the party. Instead of just drinking delicious alcoholic beverages, let guests make their own cocktails. Provide all the essentials including alcohol, fruit juices, soda and fruit pieces. Turn it into a competition with the best cocktail winning a prize or the loser having to do a forfeit. How bad can a pina colada taste?


Mexican Party

Party themes are very popular when throwing a backyard party this summer. One particular theme that has plenty of different options available is a Mexican themed party. There is plenty of food choices available that can be enjoyed in the backyard to bring an outdoor fiesta to life. From tacos and nachos to delicious margaritas, a Mexican theme has endless possibilities and plenty of fun to be had. Keep the theme running throughout the desserts and decorations by creating pepper shaped cookies, adding sombrero hats to cupcakes and chili sweets available. You could even get a piñata to provide some entertainment for your party guests, fill it will delicious sweets and treats and see who will hit it open first.

Pool Party

If you’re lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard then hosting a summer pool party is a must. Spend the day sunbathing, relaxing in the pool and playing volleyball with your friends. Pool parties are very popular because guests can relax, swim, sunbathe or play sports, all in one backyard. Why not make the most of summer by having the pool party last all day and evening and having a BBQ whilst everyone relaxes in and beside the swimming pool. Once it starts to turn dark, add light up inflatable balls to the pool, which adds a cool vibe to the pool area.


If you have a big enough backyard then you could hold a sports themed party. Set up games that you and your guests can play and compete in the sun. Play a game of soccer, volleyball or giant badminton. Or create your own game with a bat and ball. After you’ve worked up a sweat, enjoy a tasty cool drink and some delicious BBQ food in the sun.

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