The Best Natural Mosquito Repellent Options

Looking for the best natural mosquito repellent? Not only are mosquitos annoying, they are downright dangerous! Serious diseases like Zika virus, yellow fever, dengue fever, and malaria are transmitted by mosquitos. That’s why it is so important to protect yourself against mosquitos and do everything that you can to keep them off of you.

Ready to enjoy summer without these obnoxious pests and maddening, itchy bites? Here is what you have got to know about finding the best natural mosquito repellents. And preventing those terrible bites!

Why Mosquitos Love You

Ever noticed that mosquitos are all over you while your friends and family are sitting around fancy-free? You might be right! Some people are actually more attractive than others to mosquitos. There are a few reasons why.

One reason why some people are particularly attractive to mosquitos is that they sweat a lot. While sweating alone can be annoying, it’s even more annoying when you are covered in bugs! Unfortunately, there is only so much you can do about it. Just keep in mind that the more sweaty that you are going to be, the more you need to cover up against mosquitos.

Another time when you are more attractive to these annoying bugs is when you have been drinking. When you have alcohol in your blood stream, you are more attractive to mosquitos. This means that you are much more prone to get bitten!

If drinking makes you chatty, you are in for an even worse time! The more that you talk, the more carbon dioxide that you surround yourself with. When carbon dioxide fills the air so do mosquitos. In fact, they are drawn to it because it is like the smell of food to them.

Last but not least, if you happen to have O blood type, you are even more likely to get bite!

Why Store Bought Mosquito Repellents Are Dangerous

Many of the most popular mosquito repellents that you will find out there contain DEET (N, N- Diethyl-meta-toluamide). Unfortunately for all of us, this stuff has been labeled as “slightly toxic” by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Is something slightly toxic what you want to be spraying all over your body? Or all over your kids and around your pets? Why use a dangerous chemical when you can have a safe and healthy alternative?

Best natural mosquito repellent: Clothing

Of course, by far and away the best option for preventing mosquito bites is to wear the right clothing. Covering as much of your skin as possible is the most effective way to prevent mosquito bites. While mosquitos typically come during hot weather, there are ways to keep cool and comfortable. Think lightweight and full coverage looks! By keeping the sun and bugs off of your skin, you will actually be more comfortable than if you’re uncovered.

Best natural mosquito repellent: Create an unappealing space

In the middle of summer, it’s important to make your space unappealing to mosquitos. The best way that you can do this to create barriers. Use screens on your windows and around as many spaces as possible. When you are outside, stay away from water. If you are outside of your own house, cover any dog bowls, bird baths, or anywhere else where water collects unnecessarily.

Best natural mosquito repellent: Geraniol candles

Unimpressed by citronella candles? You need to check out geraniol candles! These cool and natural options are made up of a blend of rose oil, palmarosa oil, and citronella oil. Believe it or not, geraniol candles are far more effective than just citronella candles. Totally plant-based, natural, and safe, these are said to be more than five times as effective and will keep mosquitos and other pests away for up to a ten foot radius.

Best natural mosquito repellent: Mosquito dunks

While you might not have heard of them before, mosquito dunks are a natural mosquito repellent. They work by killing the larvae of mosquitos before they are born. While they are incredibly effective at keeping these pesks at bay, they are safe for pets, birds, fish, and other animals. All you need to do is put these mosquito dunks into any standing water. They will help to prevent an increase in the mosquito population for up to thirty days.

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